Swimming Pool Maintenance: Three Crucial Tips for Improving Filter Performance

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Three Crucial Tips for Improving Filter Performance

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Three Crucial Tips for Improving Filter Performance

6 April 2018
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The cleanliness and clarity of your swimming pool will depend on the performance of the pool filter. If this component does not function as expected, the quality of water will decline over time. You might notice cloudiness in the pool and an imbalance in the chemicals if the filter is not in good condition. Fortunately, the common problems affecting pool filters, such as accelerated wear and filtration inefficiency, can be resolved through proper upkeep. Here are some simple tips on promoting optimal pool filter performance.

Skim the Pool

You should skim the water in the pool on a regular basis. In most homes, the swimming pool is exposed to the general outdoors. Therefore, leaves, twigs and debris will fall on the surface of the water. You should never allow these materials to rot and sink into the pool. If they do, the quality of water will decline, and the materials could cause the filter to become strained and clogged. You can avoid these problems by skimming the water to eliminate the debris. The frequency for this task will depend on the season and the environment. If you want to avoid constant skimming, you should consider using a pool cover or canopy to protect the water.

Clean the Filter

You should make time for cleaning the pool filter. Typically, this component accumulates dirt as it filters the dirt out of the swimming pool. If the unit is neglected, it will not filter as expected, because the unit will not allow the consistent and smooth flow of water during circulation. Therefore, you should clean the filtration system periodically, regardless of the design and brand. The correct cleaning method will depend on the specific type. For instance, if you have a sand filter, you will need to backwash the unit and wash the manifolds. A DE filter will also need backwashing, and cartridge filters should be flushed. For the best results, you should check the recommendations made by the manufacturer.

Monitor the Water

You should monitor the water because the appearance can help you determine the condition of the filter. If you notice that the water has become turbid or cloudy, you should consider replacing the filtration system. In most cases, this simple action will improve the efficiency of the filter and restore the clarity of the water. It is also important to perform a visual examination of the filter. In some cases, the filter manifolds might be torn or otherwise damaged. You will need to replace these elements to restore filtration efficiency.

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