Should You Get an Above-Ground or Built-In Pool?

Should You Get an Above-Ground or Built-In Pool?

Should You Get an Above-Ground or Built-In Pool?

15 February 2018
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When you want a new pool for your property, a homeowner's association or local building codes may dictate your choices between an above-ground or built-in variety. However, if there are no local regulations or bylaws that would determine your decision, note a few considerations to keep in mind about these two options, and this will help you to choose the right pool for your home.


The main drawback to an above-ground pool is its appearance, although you can invest in a deck to be built around the pool's edge, to soften its look and obscure the view of the pool itself. Even with a deck, however, the elevated height may make you feel as if you're actually on display to your own neighbours when you're in an above-ground pool!

The benefits of above-ground pools is that they are easier to install than a built-in pool, since there is no excavation involved. In some cases, you can have an above-ground pool erected, filled with water and chemicals, and be ready for a swim in just one day! They may also be safer if you have young children, as it's more difficult for children to climb a ladder and fall into the pool accidentally. An above-ground pool can also be removed more easily than an in-ground pool; homeowners can often even tear down an above-ground pool on their own, and then simply replant or reseed the grass in that area.


A built-in or in-ground pool is often easier to clean than an above-ground model, as you can lean over the edge of the in-ground pool to scrub its sides, whereas you might need to physically get in an above-ground pool to clean it thoroughly. In-ground pools may also be easier to access for those with any physical limitations, as you don't need to climb a ladder to get into the pool.

The drawback of an in-ground pool is that removal is cumbersome and costly, as it would mean actually tearing out the pool with a backhoe or other such equipment. Typically this is a job best left to professionals, and not a DIY project.


Contact a real estate agent to discuss how a pool might affect your home's value, if you're considering putting your home on the market in the future. In very hot and humid areas, an in-ground pool might actually improve a home's value, whereas an above-ground pool is better in other areas, as it can be more easily torn down and removed if potential homebuyers don't want a pool in the yard.

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