Pool Maintenance: Three Essential Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean

Pool Maintenance: Three Essential Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean

Pool Maintenance: Three Essential Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean

5 February 2018
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Poor pool maintenance practices will compromise the quality of the swimming water. In simple terms, if a pool is neglected, it could begin harbouring harmful parasites and microbial organisms. As a result, the users will be at risk when using the feature. Also, you should note that dirty water will have no appealing clarity and might support the growth of algae on the walls. If you are concerned about the state of your swimming pool's cleanliness, you should consider these simple tips for optimal clarity and health.

Run the Pump as Recommended

You should run your swimming pool pump regularly and as recommended by appropriate authorities for your water feature. The pump is an essential component which is designed to circulate the water and allow for proper filtration. If you fail to run this element, your water will become stagnant and dirty. You should be careful about the amount of time for the pump operation. If your pump is correctly sized for your swimming pool, you can operate for the exact period indicated by the manufacturer. If the pump is larger, you can reduce the time, but it is advisable to consult a qualified pool contractor for guidance.

Cover Your Swimming Pool

If your pool is let open at all times, you are more likely to experience sanitation problems. In general, an exposed swimming pool, particularly in the outdoors, will allow the free fall of leaves, twigs, insects and other forms on debris into the water. These particles will compromise the aesthetics of the pool. In addition, if these materials rot while in the water, they will cause the health of the pool to decline fast. Therefore, you should cover the pool when the feature is not in use to minimise the accumulation of particles in the pool. This practice might also help you maintain the water temperature and reduce the maintenance demands.

Monitor the Water pH

You should be diligent in testing the chemical properties of your water. Some changes can be highly detrimental to the health of your swimming pool. In particular, you should test the pH on a regular basis to determine the acidity and alkalinity of the water. You can purchase a test kit or strips from your local pool supplies store. If the water is too acidic, it will be harmful to the users' eyes and skin. On the other hand, high alkalinity will promote algae growth and scale build-up. You should make adjustments such that the swimming water remains at neutral to slightly basic.

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