Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Reduce Your Water Heating Costs

Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Reduce Your Water Heating Costs

Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Reduce Your Water Heating Costs

19 January 2018
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Maintaining the temperature of your swimming pool water is crucial for the comfort of your family. However, the heating bills can add up, and your monthly electrical or natural gas expenses can increase significantly. If you are struggling with managing your pool energy bills or are interested in making your home just a little more environmentally friendly, you should consider using these practical tips to reduce your water heating expenses.

Install a Pool Cover

One of the simplest ways to control water heating expenses is installing a swimming pool cover. In general, pools lose a lot of energy in the form of heat due to constant evaporation. Therefore, your heater is forced to compensate for this environmental loss, increasing the power demands. If you install a pool cover, you will trap the heat in your water and minimise unnecessary losses. Ideally, you should place the cover when the pool is not in use. This method will work for both indoor and outdoor pools. You should note that the cost of a pool cover can be considerably high. However, your energy savings should be able to offset the costs within a short time.

Lower the Temperature

You should control your pool heater temperature settings for optimal savings. Numerous homes end up with high electrical or gas bills because of the high heat levels set for the swimming water. Reducing your temperature should help you manage your expenses, and in most parts of the country, you will still have a comfortably heated pool for use. If you must use a highly heated pool, you should, at least, turn down the temperature when the feature is not in use. However, if possible, you should not keep making adjustments to the temperature. This practice puts unnecessary strain on the heater, accelerating wear.

Replace Your Heater

Finally, you should think about replacing your old heater with an energy efficient alternative. In the past, most devices and appliances were not designed to offer the best performance in terms of power consumption. However, this practice has changed, and more manufacturers are focused on reducing energy usage. If you are still using an old pool heater, you are missing out on the potential savings. For example, you should consider installing a heat pump which absorbs heat from the outdoor air and releases it into the pool water. This type of system can reduce your expenses exponentially.

If you are interested in replacing your current heater, you should consult an experienced pool contractor for guidance on selection. 

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